Renter should take into account that the deposit for each scooter is only 100 Euros. If scooter will have no damages while returning renter will receive 100 Euros back. Or if scooter have some damages it will be calculated and paied from deposit.


The lease agreement

lessor - LTD "rentscootergeorgia" - (ID. 400273155), concludes the contract with the tenant as follows:


1: Subject of Contract:

1,1: Lessor shall give the motorbike for the temporary disposal and use the renter,and will also give all documentation necessary for exploitation. The renter is obliged to use the motorbike for its intended purpose and shall pay the cost  of the lease  (rent). Also the renter shall return the vechile with the vechile delivery.


2: Condition of motor scooter

2,1: The owner states that the above mentioned motor scooter is in good condition, and free of any known defects or faults which would affect  its safe operation under normal use.


3: Qualifications:

3,1: The Renter states that hi / she is physically and legally qualifed to operate the above described motor scooter.

3,2: That the Driver of the  motor scooter is not under the ago of 18 years.


4: Exclusions:

4,0: The rented motor scooter shall not be used to carry commercial passengers or property for hire

4,1: The rented motor scooter shall not be used for any race or in any competition.

4,3: The rented motor scooter shall not be used for any illegal purpose.

4,4: The renter shall not operate the motor scooter in a negligent manner, must follow the operating instructions.

4,5: The Driver will at all times maintaIn a ZERO blood Alcohol.

4,6: All acidents must be reported to The Police . (112)

4,7: All speeding fines and parking fines shall be the sole responsibility for payment by the Renter.

4,8: In case of daley in the time of the delivery and pickup of the scooter, the Owner is not liable.

4,9: it is forbidden to leave territory of city with a motor scooter vechile, client is totally charged for all payments in case of damage and transportation out of Tbilisi.


5: General Terms of Motor scooter Hire:

5,1: The motor scooter can be rented by individuals of 18 years of age.

5,2: There is no limit on the mileage/kilometers driven.

5,3: In case of damage, the deposit money is not returned to the lesse.

5,4: The lessor will terminate the present agreement, if the return use the vechile with gross violation of the contract terms.

5,5: In case of an accident, the individual names on the hire agreement needs to contact Police on the following number : (112)


And also notify the owner on the Tel +995 557 000 123   +995 568 92 13 13

5,6: Relationships, which are not regulared by the Agreement, shall br governed by the current Georgian legislation.